FACE/OFF: Half Men And Women Drag Queen Faces

Do you remember the movie Face/Off featuring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage? These Drag Queens k...

Do you remember the movie Face/Off featuring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage? These Drag Queens kinda remind me of that movie. Only exception is that Drag Queens are louder, more outrageous and colorful with all the makeup, the costumes, and the music when performing.

I use to frequent a night club in South Beach that organized the best Drag Queen shows in Miami. In those days I felt like a Vampire leaving the club at 5 in the morning.

These alter ego Drag Queen Face/Off photos is a flashback of those days, and they are amazing!

Unlike like the movie Face/Off the photos are an illustration of two Drag Queen faces: a men and woman in the same contrast, These images went viral on the in the internet last month and I'm sure you know why. They are fascinating to look at. These Drag Queens are part of a non-commercial project by renown photographer Lelan Bobbe called half-drag.

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