Approve or Disapprove: Trendsetting Reversed High Heels

Writing this blog post feels like de-ja vu so I’ll try not to rehash it or worse bore you. I have a new question today, what is it abo...

Writing this blog post feels like de-ja vu so I’ll try not to rehash it or worse bore you. I have a new question today, what is it about high heels that women love so much? Maybe it’s the masculine that makes me indifferent to women’s fashion or don’t understand the concept of high heels, especially when it can wreak havoc on muscle tissue and any decent bones you have on your feet and legs.

Lady Gaga, arguably is best known as the queen for trendsetting the most bizarre fashion in history,  has gone to great lengths with her cohorts of designers to dress up as unconventionally as possible.. It’s no secret what she’s doing. It’s obviously working because she’s the loudest, biggest, and most influential trendsetting superstar in the fashion arena. You can’t really argue with that, her name is symbolic as a fashion trendsetter.

There’s a new kid on the block! A new fashion is emerging, and it all has to do with reversed engineering. Are your ready to sport a pair of reverse high heels and give Lady Gaga a run for her money? Are you ready to position your feet and legs against nature by wearing reverse high heels? Should I just get straight to the point. Ready to completely shift your trendsetting fashion and wear these pain-in-your-feet  reversed high heels? Called Scarry Beautiful,  this new pair of high heels are designed by Leanie van der Vyver who clearly knows how to scare the pants off anyone  bold enough of trying out these high heels.  Do you think this new fashion will grow in popularity?  Will trendsetting designers all around the world start manufacturing these in the coming year? What is your take on this trend? Approve or disapprove? I encourage your feedback.

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