Mouthwatering Thanksgiving Cupcakes To Sweeten Your Holiday

I know what you're going to do tomorrow. If you're like most of us living in America you're going to feast until the fat lady sings, because tomorrow is thanksgiving and that means it is turkey time! I'm going to assume you started cooking and may have some family or friends arriving for this once a year occasion. Perhaps you're wondering how you can improve this thanksgiving diner to impress upon your family and friends. To help you rival this thanksgiving dinner, spice things up and impress your guests, I recommend a new twist on your thanksgiving desert.

Since you're a loyal reader of MiamiObserver, I want to share 6 creative thanksgiving cupcakes you can make that looks like desert. That is what you see below, and they look delicious! They are the perfect post-dinner bites that you should make and take to the party tomorrow. The following recipe were made by Toni at Make Bake Celebrate. You can get her detailed recipe and tutorial at Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes. These are definitely unconventional, perhaps a little mind blowing since they don’t look like they would be sweet, but they absolutely are! This look was created with simple food coloring, marshmallow bits, walnuts, extra pumpkin cupcake, black and white sanding sugars, fondant, etc.

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Unlike the conventional process, the gravy you see on top of the mashed potatoes is caramel, while the green beans and corn-on-the-cob is made from fondant (however, you may chose to use yellow jelly beans for the corn instead), and the stuffing is made from chunks of extra pumpkin cupcakes. These photos are consistent with the actual experience will get when you stomach these cupcakes. I know because I had them last thanksgiving will have an encore later. Enjoy :)

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