No Electricity? Meet Hand-Crank Phone Charger

Having access to electricity is very important to modern day society, especially if you own mobile devices like smartphones and ipads, e...

Having access to electricity is very important to modern day society, especially if you own mobile devices like smartphones and ipads, etc.. Electricity is one of those elements that we completely take for granted until something eventful happens.The internet going out for a couple of hours is laughable in comparison to having no electricity. It's unbearable for even a minute. I know from personal experience. If you think I'm joking I can prove it with the recent hurricane Sandy. During that nasty storm one of the main concern people had was how to keep their smartphones charged if they were without electricity for prolong periods. That is a reasonable concern if you depends on those items for productivity.

No electricity? No problem..Meet the hand-crank phone charger.This gadget is  perfect for emergency situations when you are without electricity, and you want to keep your smartphone charged. It's also a great companion to keep in your emergency toolbox alongside the first aid kit and canned foods. As you guessed it, you charge your phone by cranking this  little gadget, and you can get this thing going even if you do it in pitch black darkness.

Crafted under the name of BoostTurbine this little baby is retailing on Amazon for only $55. Want 30 seconds of talk time? Just crank it for one minute. Which gives you ample time to text, call for emergency or make a quick email check. Knowing me, I'd probably crank that thing for about 20 minutes so I could have a 10 minute of leisure iPhone time. This would definitely make your smartphone useful to keep you in touch with love ones like family and friends during an emergency. Can you imagine not being able to make necessary calls and text folks as a result of no electricity? I can't wait to order one this weekend.

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