Nielsen Study: People Really Enjoy Toilet Tweeting

This new Nielsen study is reinforcing to knowing that I'm not the only one toilet tweeting. I, like many of you love to multitask and make good use of valuable time, so toilet tweeting on my iPhone just feels natural. How about you in social media land? Do you toilet tweet from your iPhone? C'mon, don't be shy..tell the truth (lol), according to Nielsen's finding we are all guilty toilet tweeters.

 Don't mistake this new study as new information, since the study was conducted by a heavy-weight researcher like Nielsen, people consider it to be more credible. At the beginning of 2012 11M published their study stating that 74% of men, 76% of women and a staggering 87% of Android users conduct social media activities from the washroom. No body took it seriously because they only surveyed 1,000 Americans for that study.

I encourage you to download this insightful report called Nielsen Study: The Social Media Report 2012. That insightful report is loaded with valuable information. It details out Pinterest's amazing rise to fame, how women "like" stuff more than men do on Facebook, and how women spend more time on social media in general than men do. I don't want to bore you with all the details. Just download the report if you're curious. You can blame social media for changing our bathroom habits.

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