The Evolution Of Batman's Logo {Chart}

There are supermen and superwomen who walk this earth. I'm quite serious about that, and you can take me literally. Batman, for example is so superior in terms of physical strength, cleverness, and wealth that it usually hides other secrets about him. After the last Batman movie I was able to recognize a vulnerable and injured side to him that is un noticeable with others like him. For one thing he's so sensitive and emotional. But I won't go into a whole dissertation on that because this is about the Bat logos. Haven't you notice a big change and evolution of everything batmen-related throughout the years? I guess it has to now that I think about it. Since the Batman movies have been around more than 70 years it has to change and evolve to keep up with the 21st century.

Take a look at the fallowing bat logos and notice the continual evolution since its inception in 1940 to 2012. The changes that I've notice with the bat logo has always seemed so trivial at that exact time. However, when you look back at all the logos leading up to now, you can see the dramatic changes in all of them. Since I was born in the late 70 I like the Bat logos from that era, but  I think they all served a special purpose in their respective time. While looking in the closet the other day I was able to find comic books that were printed way before I was born , and the bat logos in those comics look so dramatic today. With all this consistency in changing their logo through out the year, I wonder if anyone anticipated Batman super hero status early on.

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