Smart Belt: Best Way To Safe-keep Your Credit Card And Valuables

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Today I have a really useful innovation that will help you not only to protect your valuables and fool all those pickpockets that roam the streets to assault unwary passers-by. I’ve heard about people desperately trying to safe-keep their valuables by hiding their credit cards inside their socks, right under their feet inside their shoes, and even inside their underpants. The smart belt does all this but better and elegantly. It’s basically a belt buckle, but it’s got a secret. You can put three cards inside its secret chamber and you’ll never have to carry them around in your pockets anymore. Anyone trying to mug you the "old way" will have a hard time finding anything valuable in your pants’ pockets.

Frankly, even if the smart belt wasn’t the perfect solution to protect valuables, it still beats having a bulky wallet in your pockets. Let’s say you only take your credit cards, debit cards, and an ID card with you and soon enough you feel like you have sandbags in your pockets. Especially considering the current super tight, skinny jeans design that’s fashionable, a wallet makes you look like you’re carrying a brick in your pocket. As an added bonus, the buckle can be personalized by engravings. With a name or a personal message engraved, it’s the perfect gift for a man. But we all know that we shouldn’t judge a book only by its cover. So does the smart belt have any utility to back up its elegant, customizable design? You bet it does. So let’s get to the best part.

Big pockets have one prominent disadvantage: they are a bull’s eye for pickpockets. So the real value of the smart belt lies in the protection it offers by hiding all your valuables safely away inside the buckle that’s strongly attached to your belt. First, it’s in your front view so it’s much harder to snatch the contents without you noticing. Second, it requires some bestial strength to detach a buckle from a belt so even if you don’t notice the culprit right away, you’re pretty much safe. And I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thought of this, but even if someone knew the secret contents of the smart belt, no pickpocket in their right mind would want to start groping around your genitals, right? And last but not least smart belt is probably one of the few accessories that serve their purpose much better if worn under a bear belly.

I think it was a great idea to create an everyday accessory that not only looks cool but is super safe to boot. The smart belt is one of those innovations that is so convenient you can’t believe you hadn’t thought of it yourself. Of course it only goes to show that the solution to our problems is often right under our nose. If you’re interested about the details, or perhaps would like to make a purchase, check out smart belt on Amazon. I’m really excited to hear what tactics you developed to outwit pickpockets on the streets and of course what you think about the smart belt. See you again in the comments!

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