Casetop: Harness The Benefits Of A Laptop With Your Smartphone

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great day. Today I want to share with you a really crafty and innovative all-in-one accessory for smartphones, one that will literally turn your smartphone into a laptop. The accessory is called Casetop and if you’ve ever tried typing anything longer then a short text message on your smartphone, then you’ll probably welcome it with open arms. Smartphones have been slowly replacing laptops with their wide array of features. On the other hand, one of a smartphone’s biggest advantage can often become its biggest flaw: its size can give you all sorts of frustration. The small screen and the small keyboard stand no chance when compared to the laptop’s comfortable sizes. So let’s see how Casetop solves this problem simply and conveniently.

Without trying to reinvent the wheel, the designers of Casetop turned to the solution that has been working for several years. They copied the design of a laptop to offer us the same convenient sizes we are used to but at the same time made Casetop compatible with virtually every smartphone under the sun. The end product is a laptop shell which allows you to type with the speed and comfort you’re used to on your laptop. Casetop comes equipped with a 11.1 inch LED LCD screen which will be a real refreshment after the tiny screen of your smartphone. As far as design goes, the the front bar comes in seven different colors, while later on the designers plan to offer a wide variety of colors for the body as well.

Another very appealing fact about Casetop is that the designers went out of their way to produce an environmentally friendly, highly sustainable machine. First of all, the expected life-span of Casetop is 10 years, which is already above the industry standard, but there’s more. The designers have been focusing on environmentally friendly raw materials since day one and if you accidentally break your Casetop, you can easily have it repaired for a nominal fee of $10 plus the cost of the broken part. As you can see the green design of Casetop is a really great and timely benefit, but it’s convenience where Casetop truly shines. Can you imagine working only from your phone while traveling abroad or hiking? With the 30 hour battery life that actually charges your phone, working remotely is not just an option, it’s going to become your second nature. With Casetop ready, you could work even from the beach and not worry about battery charges or slow typing speed.

If you want to check out all the details about Casetop, you can read the product introduction on Kickstarter. At the moment the project is gathering funds for launching mass-production. They need $300,000 within the next 25 days. They already have over $56,000 but if you’d love to see Casetop on the shelves as quickly as possible, feel free to donate some money to the desingers’ efforts. I personally think Casetop is a great idea that addresses a painful problem with smartphones, namely that they’re small and therefore unfit to use for work-intensive projects. I could certainly use one during my travels. So what do you guys think about Casetop? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments down below.

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