Napkin Mommy: Daily Creative Napkin Surprises For Six Years

You may remember that just a few days ago we wrote about Doodle Daddy and his incredible determination and doodling skills. He is the superdad who has been drawing on his kids’ lunch-bags to brighten their days for a few years. But as we all know, Mother’s Day draws nearer and nearer, and Doodle Daddy has a new contender, Napkin Mommy to steal his glory. She is a supermom who hasn’t missed a single day in the past six years to draw something inspiring and special for her two sons, Archer (10) and Ansel (6). She has created over 2000 amazing drawings on paper napkins since 2007, all of which you can check out at her blog, Daily Napkins.

Napkin Mommy’s real name is Nina Levy, a sculptor by profession. She is an amazing mother of two Young boys, for whom Mother’s Day must be one of the most important days throughout the year. Nina uses waterproof art markers and paper napkins to draw superheroes and video game characters for her children every day. Her images are accompanied by short and often funny one-liners from her that always end with "(Love, Mom)." She designs and draws the images the previous night and her passionate images usually take one to two hours to complete. Batman, Robin, Luke Skywalker, Teddy Bear and even Assassin Creed’s main character have all appeared on her sons’ paper napkins. Nina says she monitors her children’s hobbies carefully to be up to date about their favorite heroes of the day and she designs her daily napkin surprises accordingly.

The amazing thing about Nina Levy is that she simply refuses to give up on drawing her daily napkin surprises for her children no matter what happens to her. Once she sprained her hand when she fell off her bike, but despite the pain she kept drawing. Another time she had a 103-degree fever, but she kept on drawing for her kids regardless of the condition she was in. And when the prekindergarten nurse did not approve of the napkins sporting images of violent superheroes, you guessed it, she didn’t give up. She simply started adding fruit-weapons to her heroes to make them more friendly. I really admire Nina for her wonderful passion for her kids and the unbroken family tradition she has been nurturing for the past six years.

Seeing how both Doodle Daddy and Napkin Mommy go out their way to brighten their kids’ days makes me really happy and inspires me to do the same with my kids in the future. Check out Nina’s blog Daily Napkin to see her amazing daily creativity blossom a new creation every day. I will certainly bookmark her blog and follow her as she populates her site with more lovely pictures that she draws for her two children every night, with so much love. So, what do you think about Nina’s passion? Do you know of any similar creative surprises to brighten your children’s days? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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