Best Way To Manage Social Media Daily [Infographic]

Social media has become more than just a spare-time activity: it’s a valuable marketing tool that can make or break a successful business...

Social media has become more than just a spare-time activity: it’s a valuable marketing tool that can make or break a successful business. Engaging people, keeping in touch with followers, sprinkling your character over the web while interacting with prospects is the very meat of online marketing. There is one huge challenge however when it comes to social media. I think most of you have guessed it by now: it’s time management. How much time do you spend and on what tasks to acquire the greatest return on your invested time? Do you focus on Facebook or Twitter? Or do you rather spend your time on writing blog posts? How about content curation? Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs stumble under the weight of the many tasks social media throws at us. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a time-schedule of some kind?

Fortunately, there is. Dendrite Park has produced a concise infographic that attempts to organize all meaningful social media activities so that you can manage everything within an hour. I think one hour is just about the healthy amount of time to spend on social media, in fact, I doubt that many people have more on their hands nowadays. Entrepreneurship takes a heavy toll on one’s time, especially in the kickstarting phases so time management is crucial. According to the infographic, content curation and blog writing should take up the lion’s share of your time while all the rest fits into the remaining thirty minutes. Time spent on Facebook and Twitter should be kept under 15 minutes, while analytics is a quick two minute session.

I personally couldn’t agree more that content creation and posting valuable online resources to keep followers engaged should take precedence over everything else. Enthusiastic readership that looks up to you as the trusted advisor is a secondary currency in and of itself. I tend to spend a bit more time on analytics though as I think planning ahead demands some serious metrics and figures to be taken into account. Still, analytics takes up about five minutes a day for me. I also heartfully agree with the total bullshit entry on the list. It’s just so easy to be distracted and drawn away from what’s your doing while skimming through the insane amount of information that can be found on social media. One of the most important aspects of time management is to avoid distractions and when it comes to social media it’s a tremendous challenge.

If you want to spend your time more efficiently by having a clear plan, almost a time schedule, Dendrite Park has you covered. After a week or so, the daily one hour long social media routine will become second nature to you and you’ll notice a stark improvement in your performance. The great thing about this infographic is that it can be tweaked to suit personal preferences. You can experiment with what works for you to come up with your own best solution and all the while Dendrite Park’s infographic will provide a reliable guideline for you to fall back on. So how do you manage your time on social media? Please share your opinion and experiences in the comments below.


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