The MIDI Melody of Technology: The Miselu C.24 iPad Keyboard

Living in a technologically advanced world has its benefits, especially for musicians that need affordable instruments and production equ...

Living in a technologically advanced world has its benefits, especially for musicians that need affordable instruments and production equipment that is lightweight and easily transportable. The Miselu C.24 keyboard for the iPad and modern day Mozarts is all of these things and more.

Designed with the musician in mind, this innovative concept has transformed the iPad into a more accessible instrument for live performances and recording sessions. The C.24 is a magnetic iPad cover that converts into a two octave music keyboard at the switch of a lever. Wirelessly inputting MIDI to the piano-style keyboard, the C.24 works many iPad music apps and is Bluetooth compatible.

For those musically inclined instrumentalists who prefer range with their electronics, don’t let the two octaves fool you! There are eight octave and tonal changes that can be made easily on the C.24 keyboard, and Miselu is currently in the process of adapting the keyboard to outfit external hardware. That means your knobs, faders, and XY pads will be in sync with this versatile iPad cover making your show set up simple and your performances more music-focused.

Introducing the music keyboard for the iPad C.24 is Founder and CEO of Miselu Yoshinari Yoshikawa. Yoskikawa’s mission is quite humble as he can be quoted as saying, “I want to make musical instruments.” This modest goal has lead to a highly sought after iPad keyboard that has already created a buzz before its been touched by gadget fanatics, and with good reason.

Yoshikawa, CTO Jory Bell, and the Miselu team created a Kickstarter project to fund the manufacture and distribution of the C.24 music keyboard for the iPad. Those who donate $99 to the C.24 keyboard project will be among the first miniature keyboard enthusiasts to own one and show it off to their friends. Once enough funds are raised, distribution of the C.24 keyboard will begin in November 2013.

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 Detail of magnets under keys

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