Simple Is Better: Crack The Code To Fast Learning

An entrepreneur’s life is filled with unexpected challenges that come out of the blue and demand nimble, quick decisions and the ability to adapt. Most of the time, half the battle is won in the marketing arena while the other one is won by learning the actual skills that you need to take your project to the next level. As I think you’ll all agree, your learning ability is a really important prerequisite to success. If you can learn things fast and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to stand your own ground when it comes to applying those skills, you’ll be fine. In short, the skill of fast learning is a priceless asset for just about anyone. Of course most of you already know that, the real challenge is putting a finger on what exactly fast learning is, and how to acquire that skill.

To give you a hand in trying to crack the code to fast learning, I’ve done some research and found an infographic by Funders And Founders that will help you get started. If you check it out below, you’ll find a pretty solid roadmap to the attitudes and concepts you should focus on if you want to become a fast learner. If you skim through the 7 signs mentioned on the infographic, you’ll quickly recognize a common denominator: it focuses on productive learning. In other words, it tells you to do more and think less, which is a much needed advice these days. It is the nature of a rookie to have little to no self-confidence and because of that procrastinate a lot. But learning is a process of experiencing new things and becoming familiar with a new environment and new set of concepts. Without constantly taking action, you’ll learn very slowly. So the first step towards fast learning is getting your hands dirty: the sooner the better.

If you can muster a proactive approach, you’ve the first, perhaps most difficult step. According to the infographic, some other useful addition to your learning arsenal would be keeping things simple. That’s right, it’s that simple. The infographic resonates with this approach and tries to highlight the fact that you shouldn’t overcomplicate things. Always aim to keep things as simple as possible; trying to explain things to a kid for example to see if you really get the gist of what you’re trying to learn or not. And last but not least, try to live and breath the fact that not knowing something is not a reason to be ashamed. The road to knowing starts with the first step of admitting that you don’t know enough yet. Think of it this way: the more things you don’t yet know, the more chances you have of learning something new.

The subtle art of learning is one of the most sought out niches nowadays and not surprisingly. Regardless of the project you’re trying to realize, your ability to quickly adapt to new situations and pick up new information and skills on the go defines your chances for success. With Funders And Founders’ handy infographic, you will know what attitudes and mindposts you need to master to become a successful learner. Finally, let’s hear some advice from one of the world’s most famous learners, Albert Einstein: "Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

 Funders And Founders's Fast Learner Infographic


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