Supercharge Your WordPress Blog: 29 Keyboard Short-Cuts To Save You Some Time

As you know, I genuinely enjoy sharing the latest on lifestyle and technology with you, but sometimes it can be a time-consuming endeavor...

As you know, I genuinely enjoy sharing the latest on lifestyle and technology with you, but sometimes it can be a time-consuming endeavor. As any blogger will tell you, regardless of how high-tech we are, running a self-hosted blog site will still drain your time and energy before you know it. Of course I use the best: WordPress and several plugins to automate most of what I’m doing but I could still use a few short-cuts to supercharge Infooomph’s admin interface. It would be really awesome to have a few quick and cheap simple steps that would speed up the blogging process a bit. Fortunately, as the Marketing Robot will tell you, there actually are quite a lot of simple steps that you could implement immediately to snowball your blogging experience into fun and speedy pastime. Let’s see what those steps are.

It’s kind of funny, really, because most software has a thick user manual and a bunch of short-cuts to its various functionality but hardly anyone ever bothers to read it. When Windows pops a "help" window, I often think in frustration that by the time I read all that code-speak, I’ll end up with more problems than I started with. And I know it’s not just me. The sad part is, that those manuals usually contain useful information on how to use the software more efficiently. It’s no different with WordPress, either. It’s got much more to it than what most of us use on a daily basis, but we prefer to press on with our daily routine without using the mysterious question mark button. This is where the Marketing Robot comes to the rescue by looking up the 29 most common keyboard shortcuts that most WordPress users should be using to speed up their blogging experience.

The Marketing Robot made sure to cater to both Mac and Windows users so you can use his guide regardless of which one you have. Of course memorizing more than a dozen keyboard short-cuts will take a bit of time, but "practice makes perfect" and the benefits will be worth it. You only need to print this handy infographic and post it on your desk where you see it all the time and it will work its magic sooner than you think. Just make sure you’re using the visual editor and not the html mode because these short-cuts only work there.

If only software user manuals were a bit more user-friendly, we wouldn’t need infographics to literally crack the code for us. But The Marketing Robot did a really great job by coming up with such a short, but valuable guide to show us where we can save some time during blogging marathons. Thank you for reading and I hope from now on you’ll have a little more free time on your hands each day. Please let us know what you think about The Marketing Robot’s infographic in the comments below.

 Time-Saving Wordpress Short-Cuts


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