5 Butt Exercises To Help You Twerk Flawlessly [gifs]

I think you'll agree when I say that twerking is the new guy magnet. Women around the world knock men off their feet effortlessly with this sexually provocative motion of the butt. And let's be honest, guys: twerking is hot and we are all susceptible to its seductive power. Today we're going to look at five butt exercises that will help all the ladies out there twerk flawlessly anywhere and anytime they see fit. If you're ready, let's get the ball rolling.

So what makes the perfect twerk? Well, first and foremost you need powerful glutes. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger and more toned your butt muscles are, the more seductive you will be able to twerk. That means you'll need butt and leg exercises that will not only make you more fit and healthy, but also help you sculpt impressive and attractive glutes. I've collected five simple but intensive butt exercises for you that will help you twerk flawlessly in no time flat. Check out the gifs below this post to see each exercise in action.

The five exercises are, in the order they appear on the gifs: vertical leg raises, squats, butt thrusts, jumping squats and horizontal leg raises. As you can see, each of the exercises can be done both outside during your daily running session or comfortably at home. Since each one is a body-weight exercise, you don't need any equipment or a gym to do them at all. And don't worry about the fact that the pretty lady on the gifs is doing some of the exercises balancing herself on street fences, all of the exercises can be done on the ground as well. Choose whichever feels more natural to you.

If you follow these five simple butt exercises then you'll not only have feel the benefit of stronger glutes but you'll also notice that you turn more and more heads on the streets. Especially if you're wearing tights like the girl on the gifs. Whether you want to attract men like a magnet or you just want to surprise your husband with a flawless twerk on your anniversary, these exercises will help you do just that.

Cavakia TherlongeAbout the Author
Cavakia is a Miami based fitness trainer, anarchist, and promoter of wellness and natural law principles. Contact him at cavakia@gmail.com if you want to transform your body in 12 weeks or less.

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