CrossFit Tutorial For Dummies [Infographic]

I often get asked what a CrossFit training actually is. It's getting more and more popular but there seems to be some confusion as ...

I often get asked what a CrossFit training actually is. It's getting more and more popular but there seems to be some confusion as to what it is – which is no surprise considering the sheer variety of exercises involved in CrossFit. It's actually a very fun way of getting in shape and best of all it offers functional strength and agility, something I'll explain in more detail in a second. For a quick reference guide, you can check out Visually's infographic below this post that presents some of the basic concepts of Crossfit in a very concise, easy to understand form.

So what is CrossFist? CrossFit actually means Cross Fitness and it is literally that: a combination of various types of exercises that build natural strength, speed and agility. The variety of exercises that CrossFit involves is great not only because it keeps it interesting but also because it forces your body to adapt to new movements and situations all the time. This builds not only physical skills but neurological fitness as well, including balance, coordination and accuracy.

Another thing that sets CrossFit apart from many other forms of fitness training is that it involves almost exclusively functional movement, or movements that we actually use in real life. Squats, dead-lifting, pulling yourself up would be good examples of functional movement and they're great because your body was built for these natural movements. And last but not least, as the infographic also points out, CrossFit is a high-intensity training so expect to sweat a lot and your heart-rate to go through the roof.

CrossFit aims to build functional fitness. That means that it wants your body to perform well, for an extended period of time regardless of the kind of movement involved. It will make you run faster, move more weight, do more push-ups and heck, even flip a massive tire faster when life calls for it. As the infographic puts it, CrossFit will make you do “more in any amount of time at anything you want to do.” And the best thing about CrossFit is that it can be scaled to any age, body or level of fitness. So feel free to give it a try and decide for yourself if it is a perfect match for you.

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What is CrossFit

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely try out CrossFitness exercise. I've always know the benefit our frequent excessive, this article enlightened me more about another form of work-out.

  2. Very nice infographic about CrossFit and Interval training.




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