How Google Determines Where To Rank Your Website [infographic]

Hey guys, how is your Google ranking today? If it's nowhere near where you want it to be then today's article is for you. Google is the king of search engines and so countless SEO specialists are working around the clock trying to crack Google's algorithm and find out what makes it tick. While no one knows the exact algorithm, we've gotten pretty close to understanding how Google indexes websites. Check out Quicksprout's infographic below to find out how Google determines where to rank your website.

As it turns out, keywords still play a big part in getting high search engine rankings. Your domain name, your site's title tag as well as your headings are all indexed by Google's search bots and used to determine what your site is all about. That means it's a good strategy to sprinkle your keywords across your web page. However, it's very important to do it in moderation. Google actually penalizes sites that are flooded with keywords so just keep it natural.

With that being said, for a couple of years now, Search Engine Optimization has been all about original, authoritative content that engages people. However, not all engagement is created equal. For example, did you know that Facebook shares will rank you higher on Google than Facebook likes? In fact, according to the infographic, Facebook shares influence your Google ranking just as much as a back link which is incredible. By the way, when it comes to back links, make sure you place them in the main area of your site and not the footer or the sidebar because that's where they're the most powerful.

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It may sound like there are a ton of things to get the SEO ball rolling but don't worry, it's actually pretty easy to get started. Take a deep breath, print Quicksprout's infographic and pick two or three easy steps each day to optimize your website. As long as you provide unique, informative content, you'll see the beautiful results very soon. I hope you found today's post informative. If so, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

How Google Determines Where to Rank Your Website

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