A History of Hacking And Cyber Crime Statistics [infographics]

Here at Infooomph, we often write about lifehacks – a couple of days ago, we even wrote a post about hackschooling. I think it's safe to say that the the concept of hacking is beginning to take on a new meaning. Nowadays we tend to think of it as an innovative, creative attitude that to improve a system by tinkering with it. On the flip side, the original meaning of hacking is feared by governments, large corporations and individuals alike. And that's not surprising considering how common and how devastating cyber attacks have become over the past few decades. Check out SSLs' infographic below for a quick history of hacking and a few tips on how to protect ourselves against hackers.

As it turns out, hacking originated roughly in the 1960's as a means of bypassing and improving MIT's operating systems. It's sort of ironic that this benign initiative later gained such a notorious reputation. Of course, a few legendary cyber criminals such as Michael Calce were enough to strike fear into the hearts of big and small organizations in a matter of years. For example, Calce single-handedly brought down Yahoo!, eBay and CNN and other industrial giants. No wonder that hacking is viewed as a criminal activity, we hear very little about hackers who actually use their formidable skills for fighting against their criminal cousins. So how can you protect yourself against this cyber threat?

Fortunately, the infographic shares some very powerful steps you can take to make the job of hackers a hell of a lot more difficult. Having complicated passwords is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to protect yourself. As it turns out, a simple 6 character lowercase password can be hacked within just 10 minutes. However, if you were to add just three more characters, some uppercase letters, numbers and symbols to that simple password, it would take over 44,000 years for even the most skilled of hackers to crack your password. Well, what are you waiting for? Perhaps it's time to change your password for something more hacker-proof.

We live in a time dominated by technology which besides the many advantages it brings, also exposes us to cyber attacks. Hackers pose an almost invisible threat to our property and privacy which makes it very difficult to protect ourselves against it. Antivirus software, deleting suspicious emails without reading them and more complicated passwords are just some of the quicker, easier steps you can take to make sure you won't be one of the 12 people per day who fall victim to a cyber attack. I hope you found today's post informational, if so, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share your thought with us in the comments below.

The Hacking History Timeline Infographic
Image By: Johan Viirok (c)

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