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Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Today I want to bring you an app that could change your lives right away and it's only a downlo...

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Today I want to bring you an app that could change your lives right away and it's only a download away from you. We're going to take a look at image recognition technology and the way this kind of innovation could impact our lives in the near future. Imagine yourself taking a snapshot of all the things you see while shopping and within a couple of seconds being presented with the exact name, type and price of the product as well as a Google search result page displaying all the relevant information you might need. The app called CamFind can do all that and more.

There are many image recognition apps floating around the market such as Google Goggles or Amazon Firefly. However, all of these attempts at image recognition pale in comparison to CamFind's accuracy. Check out the pictures below this post to see how Google Goggles, Amazon Firefly and CamFind handled the challenge of recognizing a miniature dog. As you can see, only CamFind was able to recognize the dogie but it didn't stop there: it could actually identify the specific breed of the dog which is pretty amazing. Needless to say none of the competitive apps could recognize the dog in the picture let alone tell its breed so it's a clear win for CamFind.

Image Recognition Software Comparison Lineup

I think it's easy to see how image recognition coupled with visual search could change our lives in the future. Just think of the ways it could help you in making informed, smart purchases, finding cheap offers or just conveniently checking out a movie poster on the web. CamFind allows you to identify anything you see in a split second and as a result make quick, well-informed decisions anywhere you are. By transforming the world before your eyes into an online market, it offers unbiased product information and comparison shopping.

Besides being an excellent image recognition app, CamFind's awesome visual search feature provides endless relevant information about virtually anything in the real world. I think it won't be long before creating an inventory of goods in a warehouse will be a matter of taking a stroll around the place and taking snapshts with your phone. If you want to give CamFind a try, you can download it from Apple's App Store as well as the Google Play store. I hope you enjoyed today's post, if so, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us what you think about CamFind in the comments below.

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