A Push-Up Variation That Turns Your Chest Into A Compliment-Magnet

Are you satisfied with your pecs? If you want to build even more defined and spectacular chest muscles that attract compliments like a ...

Are you satisfied with your pecs? If you want to build even more defined and spectacular chest muscles that attract compliments like a magnet, then I've got the perfect exercise for you. Today I'll teach you a push-up variation that adds two new dimensions of tension to your chest movements to make them even more effective and deadly. Read on to find out how to supercharge your regular push-ups into a muscle factory.

You'll be building on regular push-ups, that's the first layer of tension you've got to be able to handle. Then, to add another layer of difficulty, you'll be holding two handles attached to the low-pulleys of a cable cross-over machine while you're doing push-ups on your fists. Brace yourself for a shocking surprise because these pulleys will be trying to pull your hands apart while you're doing your push-ups!

If you think you can handle that, then here is the third and deadliest layer of tension you're going to add to your chest movements. With each rep, you're going to balance yourself on one fist and then pull one handle underneath and across your body. Don't forget to set your feet out wide while doing the push-ups to support your body while you're balancing on your fist.

If you want to take your chest routine to the next level, I highly recommend this push-up variation because it will turn your chest into a compliment-magnet. It places much more tension on your pecs than a regular push-up and as a result, your chest muscles will grow much faster. Click the link here (#2) for a step-by-step video presentation on how to do these supercharged push-ups correctly.

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