How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog in 8 Easy Steps

Would you like to make good money from your WordPress blog? Would you like to be referred to as a “pro blogger”? If yes, then it’s tim...

Would you like to make good money from your WordPress blog? Would you like to be referred to as a “pro blogger”? If yes, then it’s time you start focusing on how to make user experience perfect for your blog visitors. One of the most important factors in retaining first time visitors is your blog load speed. This is why it is very important to reduce your site load speed and speed up your WordPress blog using the tips provided below. Since the dream of every blogger is to make it to the top on search result page, get enough visitors on his/her blog and hopefully make money from all the effort and hard work in the long run. But this dream might not come into reality when you have a slow blog. It becomes increasingly difficult to get high ranking from search engine, it also increases your blog bounce rate because visitors would leave your blog the moment it takes too much time to load on their browser. Follow the following 8 tips for speeding up a WordPress Blog

1. Hosting Your WordPress Blog

Blog hosting is one of the first things that should be properly planned when you decide to start a blog. When choosing a blog host, make sure they have good server running time, enough disk space for your files and unlimited bandwidth for your hosting plans. If the bandwidth is limited, your blog will automatically slow down when the work load on your server becomes larger due to higher traffic. Avoid using cheap shared WordPress hosting plans. They have negative effect on your site load speed because a large number of users would be sharing the same server resources which would in-turn result to reduced efficiency.

2. Quality WordPress Theme and Template

It’s a good idea to have a stylish, professional looking blog. But when the theme is taking longer to load on users’ browser then it hinders your blog visibility on search engines and indirectly affects your blog ranking and income. To avoid this, make sure your theme is simple enough, avoid using hacked WordPress theme, if you can’t afford a premium theme, stick to the free ones and consider migrating to premium theme when you can afford it. Stay away from pirated theme, they slow down your website and make it prone to hacking. Using a good template (Frame work) and theme on your WordPress blog would go a long way in improving the page load speed. A larger percentage of premium themes are designed to reduce the overall page size and loading time of the blog. When you hire a designer to build a custom theme for your blog, make sure you run the theme through a page load speed test to ensure the load time would not slow down your blog and indirectly increase your bounce rate. The average page load time should not be higher than three (3) seconds.

3. Avoid Using Many WordPress Plugins

Plugins are cool! We all know that. But too much of everything is always harmful. The same rule applies to WordPress blog. When you have too much plugin installed on your WordPress blog, it would affect your site loading time which will indirectly increase your blog bounce rate because a larger percentage of your users would close your blog before it finish loading. To avoid this ugly experience, try as much as possible to reduce the number of active plugin on your blog. Disable or uninstall the ones you’re not currently using. It’s also advisable to install cache plugin on your WordPress blog. What cache plugin does is to retrieve and render your blog content to users without loading it from your main server but rather from other storage location. This allows your site to run at maximum speed.

4. Use Fewer Ads On WordPress Blog:

The higher the number of ads you display on your blog, the higher your page load time. Agreed, it’s important to make money from blogs through ads, but what is the essence of writing a quality blog post and displaying ads on it when visitors are frustrated and leave the blog even before the ads come up? Reduce the number of Ads you display on your blog to bearable minimum by strategically placing them in a place where they would get maximum CTR (click through rate). Testing various locations has been proved effective.

5. Compress Site Image:

Pictures are good ways to improve and enhance visitors experience on a blog. But it might be a counterproductive effort if the picture size is more than 1MB and it begins to slow down your site load speed. When uploading a picture on your blog, try as much as possible to reduce the size to something less than 1MB. (100kb is advisable) There are various tools that can be used in compressing pictures and retaining the quality online.

6. Content Delivery Network (CDN):

What they do basically is make your blog load faster by delivering your blog content from servers nearest to your user, rather than retrieving the content of your blog from the server where it is stored. CDN makes WordPress blog load faster and reduces the blog bounce rate. There are various CDN for WordPress blog, some of which are free and others are premium. Cloud Fare (Free) and MaxCDN (premium) are typical examples of CDN network that are used commonly with WordPress blog.

7. Pingbacks and Trackbacks

WordPress software has an option that allow you to monitor who is linking back to your blog content, when this option is activated on your blog, it basically pull the summary of that content linking to your blog and display it below each blog post. Activating the pingback option would increase your page load time because it takes extra load time to retrieve the information from other servers. It’s advisable to disable the Pingback option in order to speed up your WordPress site.

Make sure all the plugins, theme and software installed on your blog are up to date. Having updated version of the WordPress software does not only enhance the performance of your blog, it also protects your blog from various attack from malware and hacking.

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