My Version Of The "Fake News" Written About Me Recently

Don't believe anything the news flush out without hearing both sides of an argument. The local news version of the actual events is not 100% accurate. That is in fact me in the picture but the Aventura local news paper twisted the actual story for obvious reasons. I do leave notes on both men and women’s car and direct them to my social media channels for promotional purposes,etc. I've chosen an unconventional approach of leaving notes instead of flyers because human attention is now scarce. Flyers no longer win our attention because we are too busy and they’re perceived as selfish-marketing.The notes on the other hand has a special mystery and feel to them because they're not placed on every cars. As a strategic thinker and unconventional marketer, I place them only on cars with matching owner description. 

For men

For women

Those notes, when landed in the hands of the right reader is perceived as exclusive and personal with a spice of positivity. 

The process is simple. I watched men and women exiting their car (no harm there, right?) and take descriptive notes of what they’re wearing to use in my hand written notes. I may get close to them unsuspectingly like Batman but never engage them in conversation because I respect people’s time. My approach is different but with good intent as you can see above. I’ve made some mistakes in the past and targeted certain family groups that I shouldn’t have but my intention was never to pissed people off but to connect with them while at the same time leveraging my reach on social media.

I apologize to any resident of the City of Aventura that were offended by my notes. My primary intention was to spread good vibes and connect with people locally. Adding my instagram handle was always subtle and secondary.

According to the increase in local followers, online interaction and new business each week, I would say the feedbacks are 90% positive. I’ve been warn before by the city of Aventura and Police department but made no big deal about it. I continued to follow through at different locations spreading good vibes because under natural law I have a right to publish communication materials, as long as I am not hurting, offending or breaking anyone’s property.

One the officers shared disbelief at the interrogation table for such a "senseless crime." He even said "I can't believe I'm doing this instead of chasing really bad guys out there." Of course I understand him. He probably has bills to pay and a family to feed like most of us. He's an order follower

Please contact me If you're one the officers reading this and have information regarding my property.

As the officers were placing me in handcuffs I told em about my shopping bags and bicycle parked in front of the Whole Foods but they acted carelessly to the request for securing my property. 

When I do this in liberal places like South Beach the feedbacks are 100% positive. I’ve even been on a few dates and have gain some local business as a result. A very small segment of the population gets offended because that’s just life and timing.The unparallel feedbacks I've received in positivity will never make the news. The fake news  outlets will only publish the negativity because they have an agenda for profit and to keep you at the low vibration of fear. Why? Because fearful people are easy to control. 

I want to thank everyone online and offline for your outpouring love and support despite accusation of a victim-less crime. You're the reason why I'm passionate about learning and most importantly sharing that knowledge for the betterment of society.

Cavakia TherlongeAbout the Author
Cavakia Therlonge is a Miami fitness professional and digital marketing consultant. When he's not in the gym helping men and women find fitness, he likes to dedicate a portion of his time to Info Oomph to help reach fitness hopefuls via the written word. A side from sharing the fitness gospel, he's passionate about helping local companies like Hilton generate more traffic via SEO and social media marketing. To connect with Cavakia for digital marketing solutions, email him at or via social media.

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  1. Wow! Why do they stoup so low? I didn't believe that bullshit not even for one second




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