15 Things You Didn't Know About Miami [video]

Thinking about traveling to South Florida for your next vacation? Miami is always a good Idea. Geographically we are located close to the Bahamas, Cuba (even Will Smith loves our Cuban coffee) and the Dominican Republic. Symbolic for its palm trees, lovely beaches and sparkling, perfectly warm waters.The following video should be recommended viewing to anyone visiting Miami for the first time. Heck, I would go even further and say to anyone interested in the 305 in general. Even though I live in Miami the short video thought me more about the city than the twenty plus years that I've been living here.

Did you know Miami was originally founded by a woman? Yup, her name was Julia Deforest Tuttle. She was an american business woman who was largely responsible for, and the original owner of, the land upon which Miami, Florida was built. For this reason she is called "the mother of Miami." She is the only woman to found a major american city. They say knowledge is power, right? I hope this little fact pique your curiosity enough to learn more about our universal love for Miami.


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Cavakia is a former fitness trainer turned digital marketing consultant. After getting results for hundreds of people in the fitness industry, he realized his second passion for helping professionals and local businesses. Contact him at miamiobservers@gmail.com if you want to generate more leads for business.

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