How To Answer Your Own Prayers [video]

I am so grateful to have come across Rev Ike's video 3 years ago in my quest for spiritual truth. Especially this one. His teachings have provided answers to lots of questions I've had relating to god and religion. Prior to this video I've always felt an internal opposition. A part of me saying prayer is in inside job and a second part saying, no dude, when you pray God is listening. The video helped me realized prayer in is not a religious activity, it's a statement (positive or negative) that I am making to myself within my own mind. It help me realized there's no one in the sky really listening to my prayer but my own damn self. And that god (the universe) is much closer to me than I've been led to believe.

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The idea of God residing inside me is so empowering and liberating. It is too bad Rev Ike past away in 2009 and is no longer with us in physical form. His teachings had a really positive impact in helping me become the man I am today. I hope it does the same for you. The man had a true gift for breaking down astrotheology into layman terms. Unlike most religious leaders, he wasn't teaching us about Jesus Christ, he was teaching us about the god within. This might be a new concept for you, however, I encourage you to have an open mind. Compare his teachings with your present programing to see which one makes more sense to you. What a phenomenal teacher! We can answer our own prayers by simply looking into our own hearts. What are your thoughts? Please comment below this post!

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