Spring Break Workout For Fitness Hopefuls [video]

Need some external motivation for spring break? Watch the following video featuring Miami's fitness model Max The Body Philisaire and his friend Lynsee Hee Kyeong. With so much sunshine in the 305 I'm starting to overstand why spring breakers head to South Florida every year. The two teamed up in this coed training video to inspire you with their flawless physique and killer moves. 

The first exercise Max performed is called a Muscle-up. It's a great progression to the pull-ups performed by his partner Lynsee. Two people working the same muscle groups in modified fashion with different levels of resistance. I highly recommend adding the muscle-up to your routine if you're an advance exerciser looking for new challenges and motivation.

Cavakia TherlongeAbout the Author
Cavakia is a former fitness trainer turned digital marketing consultant. After getting results for hundreds of people in the fitness industry, he realized his second passion for helping professionals and local businesses. Contact him at miamiobservers@gmail.com if you want to generate more leads for business.

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