Why Your Tax Refund Isn't Big Enough [video]

Happy Saturday! Did your tax refund exceed your expectation? If not, the following video is a must watch if you're not presently happy with your tax result. This is another great video featuring Robert Kiyosaki and his team, Alexandra Gonzalez (millennial) and Tom Wheelright. This one addresses taxes for millennials. It shows you how to pay less taxes legally, deductions you can apply and the three strategies Robert Kiyosaki uses to pay 0% in taxes.

Regular employees pay about 40% in taxes while self-employed people like doctors, lawyers and accountants pay 60% tax. Business owners on the other hand pay 20% tax with investors paying 0% in taxes. Wouldn't you want to be on the right side of the quadrant? it is absolutely possible to go around paying 0% tax. You don't have to go against made laws to avoid paying taxes, you just have to be smart. In fact, the government doesn't want you to pay taxes. They use taxes as incentives to get you to do what they want you to do.

Get ready to be empowered as Robert introduces three financial terms relating to tax that we may be familiar with but not fully understand. They are Amortization, Appreciation and depreciation.

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