Will Smith Surprises Miami Passengers As A Lyft Driver

How would you react if your requested Lyft driver was Willl Smith, the leading actor of bad boys 3? If I was one of the lucky riders I would've done exactly what the first passenger Mateo did. I would've taken Willl Smith's request to face-time a friend or family member for social proof. You'd probably be motivated to do something similar. This would be the ride sharing service of a lifetime.

The video depicts Will as one of the coolest and funniest Lyft drivers to have at your service. Really like the way he interacts with the passengers by pranking them, cracking jokes and role playing. Love the gift he awarded each passengers at the end: one full year of free lyft rides. One of the best celebrity prank videos I've seen in 2020 from bad boys for lyft.


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Cavakia is a former fitness trainer turned digital marketing consultant. After getting results for hundreds of people in the fitness industry, he realized his second passion for helping professionals and local businesses. Contact him at miamiobservers@gmail.com if you want to generate more leads for business.

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