Dog Learns How To Talk Using A Sound Board [Video]

Most pet owners are proud when their dog learns to give them its paw. But this 11-month-old sheepadoodle, named Bunny, has gone one step further by learning to "speak' using a sound board.

The following video shows the dog, aged 11 months, pressing different buttons to ask to play, go out and even tell owner Alexis Devine, from Tacoma, Washington, that he loves her. Bunny was introduced to Augmentative Alternative Communication or AAC for short, as soon as he arrived at the Devine family home in September 2019. The genius dog learned to press down on a specific button when he wanted to go outdoors or go for wee wee.

The first word he mastered was 'outside' but his vocabulary now also includes 'play,' 'beach' and 'park.' The dog can also talk about Ms Devine's pet cat, named spooky. He uses the buttons to say 'Play, Spooky' and also to ask for 'happy scritches' - a tickly scratch on his head.

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