Miami Personal Trainer Shares An Inspiring Story On How Tony Robbins Reverse Coronary Artery Disease From The Book The Plant Paradox

Cavakia's note: The following success story is an excerpt from the book The Plant Paradox by renowned cardiologist Dr. Steven Gundry

A God Learned how to cure himself

My good friend Tony Robbins called me about five years ago, looking for help. An eminent guru, a holy man considered a "God" to twelve million people around the world, was in a hospital in India, awaiting an urgent five-vessel coronary artery bypass grafting for severe coronary artery disease. Could I intervene and help him avoid surgery? My answer was a resounding yes! It's not every day that I meet a God. 

The sixty-two-year-old guru's blood work did not look promising. Not only did he have severe coronary artery blockages, he was also terribly diabetic, with HbA1Cs - a marker of sugar and protein intolerance - of greater than 9.0 [normal is less than 5.6], and advance kidney failure. When he consulted me via Skype, I asked him if he was indeed a god, and he replied with that people call him a god because he performs miracles and cures people. I responded by asking, why he doesn't just cure himself, if he performs miracles. His reply? "You know how this god thing works; I can cure anyone else, but I can't cure myself! That's what I need you for." We hit off immediately.

The guru was being treated by an ayurvedic physician, and he ate a traditional Indian diet heavy on rice, legumes, and naan, a kind of flatbread. He had a classic "Delhi belly," aka a beer belly. When I made it clear that the foods of his faith were the cause of his diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure, he was shocked. These were the foods recommended by all the gods before him. How could they be so unhealthy? My reply was the same as it is to anyone else who eats "healthy"; how's all that healthy eating working out for you if you have all these diseases? 

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As Einstein was fond of saying, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I put the god on The Plant Paradox Program, and within a few weeks his chest pain was gone and his blood sugar level started to decline. Things were going well for about three months, until his blood tests results were suddenly terrible again. When we next skyped, I asked him what happened. Apparently, every three months there is a festival to worship him and all the monks, and his followers showers him with foods for the gods, which he is obliged to eat. This pattern repeated itself for about two years; two steps forward, one step back every three months when another festival occurred. Finally, on a Skype call a few years in, I couldn't take it anymore. "Aren't you god to your followers?" I asked. "Yes," he replied. "Well, doesn't god make the rules about what god likes to eat and what pleases him?" I asked. "I never thought about it like that," he said. "I will tell my monks and my followers that we must all eat Gundry style to please me." And that's just what he did.

Today, the guru's skin has a radiant glow of health. His stress tests on his heart rate are normal, and his kidney failure is history, as his diabetes. Without medications, his HbA1C is an acceptable 5.5 and going down. Oh, and one more thing: His ayurvedic doctor now also eats Gundry style! Each one of us has the power, the green life force energy, to heal from within once the external forces that prevent that natural ability are removed. The god had the power to heal himself, after all. As he and I agreed, I can show you the path, but it is you who must walk in it.

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