Sadhguru Warns About The Looming Soil Crisis [video]

Watch Sadhguru on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah as they discuss the impact of industrial agriculture, the urgent need to Save Soil and the simple ways in which everyone can participate in saving soil. He's a yogi, mystic, visionary, and spiritual master with a wealth of knowledge in all areas of human interest.

I appreciate Sadhguru so much for speaking on this topic. I'm 44 and in my life I notice fruit and vegetables do not taste the same. They're less sweet, not as large, not as vibrant in terms of color and less juicy. Maybe younger people don't notice because they don't have the experience of things being different. In the 80's I was a child - the air was cleaner, the food tasted better and it was quieter. There were so many birds, butterflies and insects but not anymore. It's definitely a problem. Too many pesticides are being used. We definitely need to revitalize our soil.

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