Miami Trainer Shares Secrets To Saving Money When Buying Supplements [Video]

I'm sharing this secret with you today because aside from "what exercise should I do for this" (fill in the blank), the supplement question gets thrown at me on social media left and right. Here's an important fact about supplements before we move on, they don't work like magic or cause a chemical reaction right away like a typical drug. The best way to gauge a supplement is overtime. Most supplements are just nutrients that you can find in food or nature. Hence my smoothie recommendation in the video.

If our present food system weren't so toxic, supplements would be less important. In these trying times were in right now I have to say they're important. But not an absolute need. There are people who's able to survive without them. In the following video I show you how to get all the micronutrients you need by drinking a single tropical smoothie. It taste great and saves you a whopping two hundred and fifty-dollars a month per month.

Cavakia TherlongeAbout the Author
Cavakia is a Miami based fitness trainer, anarchist, and promoter of wellness and natural law principles. Contact him at if you want to transform your body in 12 weeks or less.

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