MiamiObserver   Advertising Opportunities Why Advertise On MiamiObserver? Miami Observer is a fast growing South Florida base media comp...

MiamiObserver Advertising Opportunities

Why Advertise On MiamiObserver?

Miami Observer is a fast growing South Florida base media company dedicated to presenting the very latest in Fitness, technology, design and everything of human interest. Their perspective of rapidly changing trends is portrayed in short, bite sized articles that look beneath the obvious and reveal the true and sometimes complex reality in an understandable format. Their mission is to justify and highlight the true trends and dismiss the nonsense. Founded in July 2012, Miami Observer reaches over 100,000 unique readers, followers and fans each month. In addition, our website has over 1,000,000 page views (and growing daily)

They are considered to be one of the top trend seeking websites on the Internet. Their goal is to become the largest community of trailblazers within Fitness, social media, technology, design news and information with a strong and clear direction to carve out the cool from the lame and the odd from the original.

By advertising on Miami Observer you will be able to reach the South Florida and global audience of extremely targeted readers. Because their topics are some of the most searched for on the Internet and the most engaged on large social networking sites, you can be sure to always reach the demographics that you want to target. If they match the targeted audience you seek, Miami Observer is a very effective place to get your message out and your communication seen by millions.

Miami Observer is enormously cost effective. If you compare the cost of advertising on Miami Observer to similar websites with the same amount of traffic and demographics, you will find that their ads almost always cost much less. Once you purchase or subscribe to an ad at Info Oomph, you will be able to track its success by viewing the impressions, CTR and the cost per click through. They are confident that you will be pleased with your decision to advertise here.

50000+ Retweets on Twitter
3000+ friends on Facebook
200+ Sites linking into Miami Observer
5000+ Pageviews per day
4+ Guest writers connected

Advertising Options 
 For a complete list of options, please email them at Custom marketing campaigns and sponsorship opportunities are available.

-Website Background Advertising
-Social Media Promotional Packages
-Sponsored Tweets
-Banner Advertising
-Custom Advertising
-Job Board Advertising

Their core audience includes South Florida, fitness hopefuls, social media influencers, startup professionals, early technology adapters, trendsetters, web and graphic designers, developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and some geeks. Their audience is 55% female and 45% male. Their strongest traffic source originates from the United States and represents almost 48%. Their  social media and networking presence provides most of their traffic, and combined, it stands for 58% (Twitter, Facebook and Google) of their monthly visitors.

Svetlana KoslovAbout the Author
Svetlana Koslov is the founder and CEO of Miami Observer, a multifaceted online news outlet that reports daily on the latest developments in fitness, social media, design and everything of human-interest. As an Internet entrepreneur, she is dedicated to constantly trying to develop new ways to bring content faster and closer to the end user in a streamlined fashion. To connect with Svetlana for topic ideas, email her at or via social media.

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